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Hello, and welcome to the GameFAQs Archive. This site was inspired by ColdFusion's now defunct 'Nostalgia Project', and was originally created in March 2003 by Roaddhogg, who now co-administrates the project alongside Ricky Williams and miikrr. The GFA was established with the intention of being a comprehensive repository of interesting topics, landmarks, user pages and events from the history of the GameFAQs message boards, primarily to give users an insight into how they have evolved since their inception in 1999. Special thanks go to Insder, Joycey, yarjar, Luigi and Tails, Raijin, Dragon and Drunky for their administrative support and assistance in the past.

To navigate the site, select the year you wish to view, choose and page and then use the GFA page headers to either return to the homepage or view sub-pages. If you'd like to contribute any interesting, noteworthy or humourous GameFAQs events in the form of HTML sources or images, please log into your GFA account (click 'Register' to create a new one), and use the 'Contribute' link in your user navigational bar. If you spot any errors, typos or glitches whilst browsing the Archive, please let us know via the 'Feedback' page, along with any other suggestions, comments or queries that you may have.

Finally, it should be noted that this archive contains content that may be considered highly offensive by some, and the GFA accepts no liability for any repercussions occurred as a result of your viewing of these pages. Any abuse of the submission or feedback systems will result in the blocking of your IP address from viewing this site, which is irreversible.

Updates!: All submissions have finally been processed. Thanks for your continued support and patience! (2/5)

Server move: We're planning on moving over to some new servers in addition to restructuring the database to make the site a lot faster, but there's been a few teething issues in the migration, so we're staying put for now until I can set aside time to fix things. (8/3)

Massive update.: In addition to clearing the queues, I've also added a whole load of pages from 2002-2010 today (many from an archived version of the old LUE Archive), and finally fixed the issue that was preventing pages being added to the site by the admins. Hope you enjoy the update! -Roaddhogg (7/31)

Backlog no more!: Yes, the GameFAQs Archive is officially once again up to date. This is thanks in large part to the help from fellow admin, Miikrr, who bravely tossed himself into the database to fix the site. So feel free to submit some more stuff so our queues can clog up again, we can handle it!

Also note, please remember not to submit html with GameFOX things like quotes and quickpost mixed in, as these need to be manually edited out of the source otherwise, if not simply flat rejected. It's much easier to just submit the plain HTML! -Ricky Williams (5/7)

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